Chrys Kanos

"I have always played around with investing and insurance options on my own. Since starting to work with Chrys back in 2014 on our financial and insurance goals I have been extremely satisfied. Very helpful, very professional, very knowledgeable - this is how I would describe Chrys and his team. It has been a pleasure to work with him as we move toward retirement."
Michael & Jacquelyn Moore have been Northwestern Mutual clients since 2014. Michael is a CVS Health Regional Director.

"Chrys was instrumental in creating a financial plan that set my family up for fiscal security. Not only did he spend time getting to know our goals, but he helped us realistically face our knowledge shortcomings and incorrect assumptions we had been making up to that point. Once we were all comfortably on the same page, Chrys created a roadmap that will help us reach our goals. All the while, being available to tweak that plan based on life changes and inevitable goal adjustments. Having Chrys as a financial coach and partner has given my family peace of mind that we will have a successful financial future."
Andy Cole and his wife, Kellie, have been clients since 2011. Andy is a National Director for Premier, Inc and Kellie is a Nurse with Atrium.

Heath Johnson

"Heath offered us a fresh take on long-standing components of our finances. He helped us balance the complexity of running a business with staying on track for our long-term goals. With these goals in mind, it makes work more fulfilling, as we can see the big picture and a happy retirement ahead."
Margarita and Andrew Pate have been Northwestern Mutual clients since 2017. Margarita is the Executive Director of the SC Society of Anesthesiologists, and Andrew is an anesthesiologist.

"Heath helped us create a plan and set a course for our financial future. He got to know our family goals, long and short-term, and used that knowledge to help us see possibilities we had never considered before. Working with Heath has made us comfortable with our financial future."
Willow and Joe Moellering have been Northwestern Mutual clients since 2014. Willow is a customer success director at Customer Imperative, and Joe is a training manager at BoomTown.

"Heath and his team worked with us to organize all components of our finances and quantify our goals. They helped us find balance between our current spending and savings for the future, including budgeting for our children's education expenses."
Barry Sallas has been a Northwestern Mutual client since 2019. Barry is the principal and founder of bls studio LLC