Helping families realize and connect their financial capacity to their daily lives.

Bera Wealth Advisors


The name of our firm is rooted in our commitment to service. From old Norse, the word “bera” means to carry or bear a burden. This is a reference not only to our stewardship of the assets entrusted to us but our deeper responsibility to the hopes and aspirations of our clients. We stand with them in the face of uncertainty and serve them through clear, thoughtful advisement and execution.


  • Process – We serve our clients through diligent, detail-oriented communications and execution
  • Authenticity – Our client relationships are defined by truth, transparency and the willingness to advocate for the right decision, even when it is hard
  • Effort – We set ourselves apart from our competition by working harder and taking joy in the work itself
  • Relationship – We earn our clients’ trust through genuine connection with them and deep knowledge of their circumstances and needs

Bera Wealth Advisors tailors each client financial plan to effectively organize and manage wealth and educate individuals and families on decision making for their best balance of spending and saving. We engage with our clients to create a proactive plan for cash flow management, investments, risk management, and planning for education, retirement, and legacy. Bera Wealth Advisors puts clients in command of their future with objectivity, analysis, and expertise.

Bera Team