“We have been nothing but impressed since starting our journey with Evan several years ago. He listens to our goals, understands the needs of our family, and has built a plan that we feel confident in, both short term and long term! Evan is always available to lend a hand, offer advice, and ensure that we stay on track toward those goals as well. He has made complex decisions more manageable for us and we hope to continue working with him for many years to come!”

Bennett Barry

“Chrys Kanos and Bera Wealth Advisors have been a huge help in simplifying my financial plan and making sure that every aspect of it is covered under one roof. In a world where so many try to push a certain product or service for their own gain it's clear that Chrys's only priority is setting me up for success both now and later in life. Thanks for all you do!”

Ethan Lane has been a client since 2018.
He is a Branch Manager at Mortgage Network.

“Chrys has been a trusted partner to my wife and I in so many ways as we progressed down our savings and retirement road. Not only has his counsel and advice provided us a clear path to reaching our financial goals - both short and long-term, but his 'bedside manner' in which he shared our plan and progress has been understandable for a couple that has different levels of financial fluency.”

Jonathan Tsucalas has been a client since 2021.
He is the EVP and Southeast Region Leader of a Global Communications Firm.

“There can be a lot of uncertainty and anxiety associated with choosing the right financial advisor, especially for investors who are just starting out. However, during our first discussion with Chrys Kanos at Bera Wealth Advisors, all of our fears quickly subsided. As you start developing your financial plan, you begin to realize that the team at Bera genuinely cares about every single one of their clients. As a young couple in our early thirties, we are undoubtedly one of their smaller accounts, but they treated us with care, dignity and respect at each and every step of the journey. They also don't try to sell you things you don't need, which is a breath of fresh air in a world where seemingly everyone wants a small piece of your hard-earned money. We now feel like we have a powerful ally in our corner and a solid financial plan to implement in the years to come.

There can be a lot of meaning in a name. Per their website, the word "Bera" is from old Norse, and it means to carry or bear a burden. They take the burden of securing your financial future very seriously, and they often voluntarily help in ways you weren't even expecting at no extra cost. Our advice would be to let this team bear that burden for you. We are certainly glad that we did.”

Brian and Michelle have been clients since 2021.

“My relationship with Chrys started when I realized I needed to take my own money management more seriously. Fear of not understanding and lack of control is something I struggle with. I needed help understanding and feeling confident in my future plan so I could be effective in other aspects of life. Chrys has given me all of that and more. The biggest improvements I've seen have been in the diversification of my overall retirement plan and portfolio as well as my general outlook towards money management. Chrys has done so much more than just helping me invest; he has helped me understand every step of the way and truly educated me. I now have confidence in where I am headed financially. I cannot thank Chrys enough for all he has done and I truly consider him a friend.”

Orry Powers has been a client since 2017.
He is an Advanced Procedure Specialist at Applied Medical.

“I have always played around with investing and insurance options on my own. Since starting to work with Chrys back in 2014 on our financial and insurance goals I have been extremely satisfied. Very helpful, very professional, very knowledgeable - this is how I would describe Chrys and his team. It has been a pleasure to work with him as we move toward retirement.”

Michael & Jacquelyn Moore have been Northwestern Mutual clients since 2014.
Michael is a CVS Health Regional Director.

“Chrys was instrumental in creating a financial plan that set my family up for fiscal security. Not only did he spend time getting to know our goals, but he helped us realistically face our knowledge shortcomings and incorrect assumptions we had been making up to that point. Once we were all comfortably on the same page, Chrys created a roadmap that will help us reach our goals. All the while, being available to tweak that plan based on life changes and inevitable goal adjustments. Having Chrys as a financial coach and partner has given my family peace of mind that we will have a successful financial future.”

Andy Cole and his wife, Kellie, have been clients since 2011.
Andy is a National Director for Premier, Inc and Kellie is a Nurse with Atrium.

“Since hiring Heath, with Bera Wealth Advisors, we feel more confident than ever in our retirement income plan. Knowing we have a secure future has allowed us to travel more and even make upgrades to our home on Folly Beach. Heath went beyond our expectations when he helped connect us with tax professionals and an attorney to update our estate planning.”

Michael & Angela Adams

“Heath guided us through a hectic financial 2020, not only providing financial advice and risk management, but also connecting us with professionals to help us with PPP loans, mortgage refinancing, student loan refinancing, and HELOCs. We are extremely fortunate to have Heath’s guidance and friendship, and we appreciate him helping us have confidence in our future.”

Patrick and Julia Lane Napolski have been clients of Northwestern Mutual and Heath Johnson since 2014.
Patrick is an attorney, and Julia Lane owns a marketing company.

“Heath and the team at Bera are more than advisors – they are advocates for my family’s long-term security and wellbeing. I can count on Heath to be tough with us when necessary and always steer us in the right direction.”

Jon Yarian has been a client of Northwestern Mutual and Heath Johnson since 2009.
Jon is a managing partner at Outline.

“With the large time commitment of running a law firm, I appreciate knowing that Heath and the team at Bera Wealth Advisors monitor financial planning items for me. They actually make planning for my future and reaching financial goals a fun process!”

Clay Hopkins has been a client of Northwestern Mutual and Heath Johnson since 2020.
Clay is an attorney and owner of Hopkins Law Firm LLC, .

“Heath offered us a fresh take on long-standing components of our finances. He helped us balance the complexity of running a business with staying on track for our long-term goals. With these goals in mind, it makes work more fulfilling, as we can see the big picture and a happy retirement ahead.”

Margarita and Andrew Pate have been Northwestern Mutual clients since 2017.
Margarita is the Executive Director of the SC Society of Anesthesiologists, and Andrew is an anesthesiologist.

“Heath helped us create a plan and set a course for our financial future. He got to know our family goals, long and short-term, and used that knowledge to help us see possibilities we had never considered before. Working with Heath has made us comfortable with our financial future.”

Willow and Joe Moellering have been Northwestern Mutual clients since 2014.
Willow is a customer success director at Customer Imperative, and Joe is a training manager at BoomTown.

“Heath and his team worked with us to organize all components of our finances and quantify our goals. They helped us find balance between our current spending and savings for the future, including budgeting for our children's education expenses.”

Barry Sallas has been a Northwestern Mutual client since 2019.
Barry is the principal and founder of bls studio LLC

“With Heath's help, we have been able to map out our long-term objectives, like retirement and education funding. Knowing we are on track for these goals allowed us to buy our dream home on the water years before we thought it would be possible. We can now enjoy evening boat rides with the peace of mind that our retirement and other financial plans will still be fully funded.”

Adam and Jacqueline Gantt have been clients of Northwestern Mutual and Heath Johnson since 2018.
Jacqueline is a sales manager at Blackbaud, and Adam is a master architect at Deloitte.